A new name, new IP-addresses and a new feature!

Approximately three months ago, I asked your input for a new name for the Public-Pihole project as, ironically, the backend of the project wasn’t running Pi-hole anymore. You can read all about it in my previous post. After a two-round poll on the Telegram channel the name ‘Adhole’ came out on top and was thus chosen as new name for the Public-Pihole project. Thanks to Christian for coming up with the name!

Recently, the project has been a victim of its own success, which lead to performance issues. More server resources were needed in order to accompany the increase in server lead, which in turn would lead to higher costs. As this is a non-profit project of mine, paid with mostly my own money and partly by donators & patreons, this would become too costly for me to operate. However, several providers have offered to sponsor server hosting in several locations, for which I am very grateful, as it allows to project to continue.
Some instance locations have been replaced by others, e.g. the instances in The Netherlands and France have been replaced by instances in the United Kingdom and Germany, whereas the instance in Canada has been replaced by an instance in the United States. However, this does mean that the IP addresses of ALL instances have changed.
The new, updated, IP addresses are available here. The old instances will be taken offline on September 30, in approximately 2 weeks from now. I urge you to update your DNS settings a.s.a.p. Should you encounter any issues, please do let me know.

Last but not least, most instance locations now also offer IPv6 connectivity. Enjoy!


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